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Frequently asked questions

This area offers response to a selection of the most frequently asked questions made by users who submit queries to our technical service.

Our goal is to provide high quality information and dispel any doubts that may arise through our solutions database. You can filter the answers by type of product:


How do I resolve problems with Google Play Store?

Follow these instructions: 1. Go to Settings: 2. Select Applications 3. Select All and search the list of Google Play Store applications and of Google Services Framework 4. Select Google Services Framework, then select the following buttons: Force Stop and Accept/Clear Data/Accept. 5. Select the Back button 6. Select Google Play Store/Force Stop/Accept/Clear Data/Accept 7. Restart your device 8. Wait 5 minutes before launching the Google Play Store.

How do I optimise battery usage and achieve their full potential?

There are different solutions for optimising the battery usage, some of them are detailed below: - Disconnect WiFi and 3G if you are not going to use them at that time. Under Settings in WiFi options and Data usage/Mobile Data, select NO. You can also do it by opening the notification bar, selecting the top right icon and disabling the WiFi and Data usage icons. -For large volume downloads, use WiFi instead of the data network. -Minimise the use of GPS location services. To do this go to Settings, select Access my location and in the GPS Satellite option mark NO. You can also open the notification bar, press the upper right button and deactivate the GPS icon. - Adjust the screen brightness automatically. In Settings/Display/Brightness and select the Automatic Brightness icon. Or you can also open the notifications bar, press the upper right button, select Brightness and activate the AUTO option. -Eliminate or increase the update interval notifications of certain applications (emails, Facebook, Twitter…). To do this you must go into the Settings of the application you wish to modify and into the Update Interval option to increase the time. - Avoid animated wallpapers.

How much RAM memory does my device actually have?

The RAM memory consists of two parts: the part that is visible to the user and the part that is invisible. In Android settings the visible RAM is reported as: 4Gb. The RAM that is not seen is used by the device to run the Android system processes: 1 Gb.

Why is the FLASH memory in the device settings different from the specifications?

If the RAM memory of the device is not sufficient to install the operating system and its applications, part of the flash memory will be used. In the case of Odysea 5HD, the internal memory is 4Gb. Once the installation of the operating system has been completed,1.61Gb of flash memory remains.

How do I connect to my 3G Network?

Follow the instructions: 1. Go to Settings 2. In Wireless and Network Connections, press More 3. Press Mobile Networks 4. Select Data Connection 5. Select your service provider (example: Movistar, Vodafone etc.)

Why does the screen not turn from portrait to landscape?

Check in Settings/Device display and see if the swivel screen is selected.

Why is my device running out of batttery faster than before?

The built-in battery is an operational component of the device. It is normal for their capacity to reduce with long term use.

How do I download free applications in Google Play Store?

To download free applications in Google Play Store you must sign in or create a Google account first. Note that some applications are not free.

How do I connect my device to another via Bluetooth?

To turn on the Bluetooth option, you should open Settings and move Bluetooth to the YES position (same as with the WiFi option).

Why does the device not connect to the WiFi network?

Make sure the WiFi function is active on the device. Then check that the source of wireless internet is working properly. The distance between the wireless router and your device must be less than a several metres and make sure there are no walls or other barriers between them.

Why does the temperature of the device seem a little high at times?

It is normal for the device to warm up a little while loading or when it is used for a long period of time.

Can I easily remove the device screen protector?

To ensure the good condition of the Smartphone and prevent scratches and marks during transport, it comes with a screen protector. You can easily remove it if it is not to your liking.

Can I charge my device through a charger other than an NGS Odyesa 5HD charger?

We recommend using the original charger, however you can use any charger that meets the following specifications: Input: 100-240 AC 50/60Hz 0.2A / Output: 5.0V DC 1A

How do I charge the device for the first time?

We recommend charging the device for 8 to 12 hours using the power adapter provided when the device is used for the first time and not disconnecting it until the device is fully charged. It is normal for the device to warm up a little while it is charging. If you do not use the Smartphone often, we recommend charging it once a month in order to maintain the battery life.

What do I do when I turn it on for the first time?

When you turn on your Smartphone for the first time, Menu wizard will guide you to setup your Smartphone and prepare it for full use. Choose your native language and then follow the subsequent instructions. You can sign into your Google account (or create a new Gmail account), configure your network, enter the username, etc.

How do I find the local symbols (á, é, ñ, Ç) on the Android keyboard?

To use local symbols just press and hold the appropriate letter until a selection menu appears. For example: press and hold “e” to make “é”.

How do I install applications recorded on an external microSD card?

You can install Android applications on your Smartphone using an SD card (not included). Simply download the applications or files on the SD memory card and insert it into your Smartphone. Then run the application and install it following the instructions.

Do I have to create a GMail account?

A free Google account is the key to updating your Android device. Signing into your Google account which will be up to date with your emails and will be able to download thousands of applications (free and paid) from the Google Play Store, synchronise your calendar and much more. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use your email and password. If you have not you can easily create a new account in Settings/Accounts/Add Account. You will need internet access if you want to create an account or access it.

How do I cut, copy and paste text from the screen?

Cut, Copy and Paste lets you carry text from one application to another without the need to rewrite the text. First select the text with a long press and adjust the selected text moving the blue tabs from the ends. Then select Cut or Paste in the upper right corner. To replace text, mark what you want to replace, then select Paste. In order to Paste, mark where you want to, then press Paste.

Where is the notification bar on Android 4.2 devices?

Select and drag the upper right part of the screen to see the main functions. Select and drag the upper left part of the screen to see the notifications bar informing you of updates, battery and WiFi status, email etc.

Why does my Smartphone stay on while charging?

This is because of hardware solutions. Your device will not be damaged. You can safely charge your Smartphone whilst it is turned on. When charging is complete you can turn off your device without any problems.

Why does the device show USB “storage unexpectedly removed” when the 3G modem connects to the Smrtphone without an SD card inserted?

The main reason for this problem is that Android system recognises the flash memory (SD card), but it cannot detect the additional disc information (because there is no SD card). The 3G function is in use. To remove the Android warning, you must insert the SD card.

Can I charge my Smartphone via PC or netbook?

To charge your Smartphone safely and quickly, use the charger provided in the box.

How do I resolve charging problems?

Simply run out the battery to zero and then charge it using the charger provided. You should always fully charge the battery to 100%. To extend the life of your battery, use the device regularly and charge it completely at least once a month. If you only use the device occasionally, you should keep the charge between 40% and 60%.

How can I test the GPS signal on my mobile device?

In Menu you can find the Maps application, once the application has opened select the button at the top right part of the screen. The map will show your current location.

Mobile networks

Provided that we have contracted a data rate with a service provider, at the upper right part of the mobile screen, with the clock and the battery, there is an icon that specifies the type of network you are connected to. Depending on the type of network to which you are connected, there are different download speeds. The slowest to the fastest are listed below.

What does G data connection mean?

We are connected by GPRS, the slowest possible range of technologies (56~114kbps) that our data service providers offer in their tariffs. Although it is quite slow, it can be used to send and receive text messages through applications such as Whasapp or LINE.

What does E data connection mean?

If an E appears it means you are connected via EDGE, an improved version of GPRS. It is useful for those who do not need to use rapid speeds and want to conserve maximum battery use. Theoretically, the maximum speed is usually around 384kbps.

What does 3G data connection mean?

The use of UMTS technology is called 3G (third generation), designed for high speed data transfers, useful for sending multimedia content via email or viewing web pages. The speed of 3G networks exceeds the maximum limit of 384kbps, reaching up to 2Mbps in optimal conditions.

What does H+ data connection mean?

The H+ icon represents HSPA+ technology (evolved HSPA), which substantially improves the download and upload speed in comparison to their predecessors. The theoretical maximum speed is 84Mbps (download) and 22Mbps (upload), but as always, it depends on the implementation by the service providers.

How do I enable 3G data on my NGS Odysea 5HD?

To enable data usage go to Data Usage Settings/Mobile data and select YES. You can also do so by opening the notification bar, pressing on upper right button, go into Data Usage/Mobile Data and select YES.

How do I create a shortcut to a web page on the desktop of my NGS Odysea 5HD?

While you are surfing the internet, you can create a shortcut on your Smartphone’s desktop to any web page you want. To do this press the Settings button/Save to Bookmarks and select the Add to Desktop option. If the page you want is already in saved as a Bookmark, press and hold on the icon and then select Add Shortcut to Desktop.

How do I restore factory settings on my NGS Odysea 5HD?

You must use the Reset Data to Factory Settings function in the Setting s menu in the Backup options. Reset Data to Factory Settings will help to resolve any problems with the operation of your device. Please note that all your files will be deleted, so we suggest making a backup.

How do I copy the contacts from my NGS Odysea 5HD to the SIM?

In the Contacts Menu, press the Settings button and select Import/Export. 1. Choose the Phone as the source and press Next. 2. Choose the SIM card to which you want to copy and press Next. 3. Select the contacts you want to copy.

How do I copy the contacts from my SIM to my NGS Odysea 5HD?

In the Contacts Menu, press the Settings button and select Import/Export. 1. Choose the SIM card from which you want to copy the contacts as the source and press Next. 2. Choose the Phone as the destination and press Next. 3. Select the contacts you want to copy. You can also copy the contacts from one Sim to another SIM by selecting one as the source and the other as the destination.

What if the specifications are 4GB of memory, then in Settings/Storage it claims to have 1.61GB?

This is because part of the Smartphone’s memory is used by the Android operating system an the applications installed by it. For this reason, it has a useablel memory of 1.61GB. This happens with all Smartphones on the market, part of the memory is used by the Android operating system for better operation.

How can I make a backup of the phone’s internal memory?

To backup both your personal data (contacts, messages, images etc.) and applications, access the Backup and Restore application in the Menu. -Select BACKUP, choose the Personal data and Applications that you want to make a backup of and press the Backup to SD card button below. Add Folder Name and select Accept. To restore the backup, access the application in the RESTORE option and select the Personal data and Applications that you want to restore.

How can I get rid of the slight echo heard during calls?

If you hear an background echo during any telephone call, a solution to solve the problem is to lower the phone volume.

How do I increase the text font size to make it easier to see?

To increase the text font size, go into Settings/Acessibility and activate the Large Text option. This will increase the font size, improving legibility.

How do I change the desktop clock from analogue to digital?

To change the desktop clock you have to first delete it. To do this, press and hold the pointer over the clock for 1 second and drag it to the delete option which will appear at the upper part of the screen. Then go to the WIDGETS tab in the Menu on the upper horizontal bar and search for the style of clock you want. Press and hold and place the digital clock on the desktop.

How do I configure the Smartphone so that notifications are visible when the screen is locked?

To receive call and message notifications while the screen is locked, go to Settings/Screen and activate Screen Notifications. This function will only notify calls and messages. To activate notifications for other applications (Whatsapp, Twitter…) you will have to access the application settings and activate the popup notification option.

How do I delete a contact?

To delete one of the contacts from your list, go to Contacts on the bottom bar of the desktop, select the contact you widh to delete and press the Settings/Delete buttons.

Why does the Toolkit application give an error message saying that the application is not installed?

All our terminals have the Toolkit application with access to your service provider’s SIM card Toolbox. This makes facilitates having easy access to the services that they offer. If your terminal shows this error message, it must be because your SIM card is not configured for use.

How do I connect my Android device to a MAC?

There never used to be any connection problems between Android and your MAC computer as MAC systems could recognise your Android terminal as an external USB storage device, but since Android 3.0, we recommend the use of the Android File Transfer (AFT) application if your MAC operates with MAC OS X 10.5 or later versions. The use of the AFT application is extremely simple. You simply download it to your MAC computer, install it and go. When you connect your Android device to your MAC, it will be recognised as a multimedia device and you will not have to drag and drop to copy files from one system to another. You can also opt for applications such as Droid NAS, AirDroid etc. which allow you to share files wirelessly between an Android device and a MAC. Thus, you will not even need a cable to connect the computer and the Android device, but the file transfer speed will be slower.

Can I charge my Smartphone via PC or netbook?

To charge your Smartphone, you can use the charger provided in the box or you can charge it from any computer via USB.

How do I configure call management with Dual SIM?

To select a default SIM card to manage calls, messages and data connection. Go to “Settings” and select “Card Management”. Here you can select the default SIM card to make calls, send messages and data connection. You can also set the system to ask which SIM card to use by default before making calls or sending messages. To do this, select the “Always ask” option.

How do I optimise the use of WiFi and save battery?

To save battery and optimise the use of WiFi networks, it is recommended that you access “Settings”, select “WiFi”, press the Settings button and select “Advanced Settings”. Under the “Use WiFi in suspension” option, select “Only if it is charging”. By choosing this option your applications can update whilst your device is charging. This uses no additional battery power or data. You can also deactivate “Available Network Notification”, so that your Smartphone will stop searching for WiFi networks whilst it is not connected to one.

How can I increase the volume of incoming calls?

Through Factory Settings, the ringtone volume of incoming calls is medium. To increase the volume, go to “Settings”, press “Audio Profiles” and select the “Incoming” profile. You can also press the “Settings” button of the “General” profile, select the “Volume” option and increase the volume of “tones and notifications” to maximum.

How can I set up the phone to make calls with a hidden number?

Activation of hidden calls does not depend on your terminal, but depends on the service provider. Therefore, if you cannot carry out the process described below, please contact your service provider’s customer service to activate hidden calls. To activate hidden calls, select “Calls” and press the “Settings” button, go to “Settings”/”Voicce calls”/”Additional Setup”/”Caller ID”/”Hide Caller”. Another way to make hidden calls is to add #31# before the number you want to make a hidden call to (For example #31#123456789). This operation should be performed each time you want to make a hidden call.

What is the pixel density (PPI) the Odysea 5HD screen?

On the list of specifications of your Smartphone you can see that the size and resolution of the screen are 5" and 1280x720 pixels. With this data it is calculated that the pixel density of the screen is 294 pixels per inch (294 PPI).

How do I speed up GPS location?

In order to speed up GPS satellite location you should go to Settings/Access your location/GPS Satellite/EPO Setup/press the download button on the lower part of the screen. This will automatically download the data base of the position of the satellites at any given time of the day and speed up the GPS location. The download process lasts from 5 to 10 seconds. Once this step has been completed, open the GPS browser and within 60-120 seconds it should work normally. Now press EPO and within the same tab you have to activate “Enable EPO” and then press “EPO IDLE”: You will have to wait until a file downloads (when you press EPO IDLE, it changes to EPO DOWNLOADING), so leave it for a few seconds to do so. When finished, it will read “EPO is IDLE now” in the Log area. When finished “EPO IDLE” will reappear. Once finished, go back and press YGPS: And in YGPS press “Hot”, then on “Full” and then “AGPS Restart”: this must be done in order for it to function. After carrying out these steps, you should be able to activate the GPS without any problems and it should function much better than before, much quicker and with more precision.

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