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Data Protection

In LURBE GRUP Inc. we want to guarantee security and ensure confidentiality of data provided by our customers.

Our data file is registered as required by law in the SPANISH DATA PROTECTION AGENCY (REGISTRATION No. 2110320899).Therefore, we demand the best guarantee of our e-commerce providers. Also, in the event that the user provides any personal information, the data collected in this website will be used for the purpose, in the manner and with the limitations and rights stated in Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Data.

The data provided by users will be incorporated into personal computer files of which LURBE GRUP Inc. is responsible and which will be retained by LURBE GRUP Inc. in a completely confidential manner.

LURBE GRUP Inc. guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided by our customers, and ensures that in no circumstances the data be passed to other companies outside our group, nor used for any purpose other than those related provisions of our unique relationship.

Data Protection Act: LOPD

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, the client of LURBE GRUP Inc. may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the data by communicating such end to LURBE GRUP, S.A., Portuetxe, 27 , 20018 - SAN SEBASTIÁN (Guipúzcoa), by email to: or by phone calling to +34 943. 52.33.11 or, sending an email to comunicació with the issue “Unsubscription personal data”

* Additional information on our security systems and ensuring protection of personal data.

Internet is a medium of communication and also a new medium that enables commercial transactions over the network.

Therefore, one of the main concerns of users who use the Internet is the security of network data.

By ?e-commerce transaction? we refer to the process of completing a trade agreement including the contract between both parties, customer and company.

The aspects that all business transactions must meet are:

Authentication that guarantees the legal or natural person with whom we communicate.

Integrity, i.e. the content of communication between both parties cannot be changed.

Confidentiality, which is the guarantee that no unauthorized person can know the content of communication.


Credit Card Payment

Important Information about Credit Card Payment


From now on, customers who pay their orders with credit card, will use the newest 3DSecure payment systems. 3DSecure is a payment system promoted by Visa (VERIFIED BY VISA), which ensures payment security based on the authorization for each transaction by the bank issuing the credit card.

Visa Card Payments

The transactions made with your Visa card, use a new service of Visa: Verified by Visa, which makes sure these transactions are authenticated and secure. By confirming the identities of customers who use their card at our store, we reduce the fraudulent e-commerce transactions or in dispute, and that is a way to satisfy consumer concerns about online shopping.

What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is a new service that allows financial institutions to authenticate the identity of the user of the card during the payment process of shopping at our store.

Benefits of Verified by Visa

-Increased security for our customers in their online shopping.

-It does not require any special software applications on the client access device.

-It is easy to use. You just need a password and your Visa card to purchase.

If you don?t have it, go to your bank and ask that your card can perform "secure payment" on the Internet (SOME BANK HAS THE OPTION OF SECURING YOUR CARDS IN ELECTRONIC BANKING SERVICE).

-You will not need to fax a copy of ID to identify the direct debit cardholder; therefore swiftness in processing the order is improved.

How does it work?

First, you as a customer must register for the service, only once, going to your bank or through its electronic banking service, if you have the card securitization. During the registration process, you as a customer will be asked a series of questions for security purposes, after which you will select a password to authenticate yourself, and you will agree at a phrase that is used as a message of personal guarantee for the card issuing Bank so you can be authenticated to make a purchase.

3D SECURE: The technology that exists behind Verified By Visa

The 3-D Secure protocol supports the new Visa payment service designed to enhance and validate payments online.

3-D Secure is an authentication technology that uses encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a Plug-in installed in the commerce server verifies the participants for authentication during an online purchase.

It also protects your payment details with the card during its transmission over the Internet.

Cards that support the payment gateway are, in the case of credit cards, VISA and MASTERCARD.


LURBE GRUP Inc. Purchase Process

The following describes the processes involved in the purchase through LURBE GRUP Inc.?s server:

1. Customer registration.

Customers register by completing a form with their personal data (we do not ask for any banking or payment detail), registering in the system with a username and a password of himself.

This process involves sending data to our server, which is performed safely by using an advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layers) system.

Most existing browsers accept SSL, but when in doubt, contact your Internet service provider.

The data requested in the customer form are strictly commercial in nature and do not seek any banking information.

When making a payment transaction involving exchange of confidential information, such as personal data from your credit card, you will be automatically taken to the secure server implemented by CECA (Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks) for our commerce, expressly leaving our WEB.

From that point on, any submission of data is fully secure.

2. Shopping cart.

The customer browses our store, adding to the shopping cart those items they wish to buy. Those items will remain in the shopping cart until the order is done and confirmed. The shopping cart gives you the ability to vary the quantity of one particular item within the same purchase; in order to do that, remember to update the cart once the modification is made and mark the check box, if you want to remove an item from the basket.

Cookies are small pieces of information that LURBE GRUP Inc. needs in order to understand the interests of our customers and do not contain any personal information. Your browser must accept cookies for this application to function properly.

3. Order processing.

Once the selection of articles process is finished, the client will be taken to the order confirmation section, which asks the client to log in if they had been previously registered or otherwise are required to register.

In the event that the customer is already registered, as expressed in section 1, when sending the transaction data, the only information that travels over the network is the user code and the reference of the items being purchased; all other personal and payment information are hosted on our secure server and do not travel through the network.

When making payment by credit card, the system automatically connects to the secure server of CECA, not controlled by our store, so none of your card or banking information is registered on our website. The CECA system returns to our server only the operations that have been accepted without any data strictly personal travelling, making it impossible to record Personal Data.

This phase is done in a totally safe way, since it is integrated into the secure server payment gateway hired by us.


Our trade supports PAYMENT with various credit cards, but it is essential that the card is SECURITIZED.

The securitization of your card gets done by your issuing bank, thus ensuring the security of its use.

The card securitization consists simply in assigning a key to your card known by you alone, thus ensuring the strictly personal use of your card. If your card is not SECURITIZED, the PAYMENT gateway installed in our store automatically denies the payment.

For security reasons, securitize all your credit cards for ONLINE purchases.

Recommendations and Precautions.

Here are some precautions we advise our clients to take:

1. Do not provide anyone with your username or password.

2. Do not write them down in an easy accessible location (computer, agenda.)

3. Always use our SSL security system.

Always disconnect the browser session after having agreed to a secure zone or entering the system user or password.

Stock Availability

Legend - Availability of Stock

Product in stock, immediate availability: Product with High Availability (24/48h)

Goods in transit or available at another store: Product with average availability (up to 4 working days)

Available products and orders to the supplier: Product with low availability (up to 7 working days)

Products ordered to supplier, awaiting confirmation.

Product available from manufacturer: This product will be directly ordered to the manufacturer after payment is confirmed.

Temporarily out of stock: No immediate availability, or the product availability date is unknown.

Note: This is the actual availability in our main warehouse, where shipments are handled. This availability may vary from that shown on the web, here you find the actual availability, i.e., the reserved items would not count as stock, so it would show only those that are free. The carrier shipping time is not included in these terms.

Important: The availability is updated in real time, from one day to the next the availability of any item may change, so watch for changes in inventory. Each day brings new entries of articles as well as others that go out of stock.

1. All products shown are in stock and will be shipped the same day that payment is confirmed; when there is no stock of a product, that is indicated by the color specified above, or with the estimated delivery time in working days.

2. Our delivery terms start from receipt of payment and may vary between 2 and 10 days, LURBE GRUP Inc. will make every effort to ensure delivery no later than 10 working days, provided there is no agreement between the customer and the company resulting in other conditions.

3. ESTIMATED TIME (once payment is confirmed by our bank): 5 days