Augmented Reality allows us to virtually position a product anywhere in a real space.

We want you to enjoy a new way of interacting with our product catalog.

1 Look for the VIEW IN AR icon.

On the product details page, you'll find the VIEW IN AR symbol either in the image gallery or below the BUY button.

2 Clicking on the symbol will open the QR code. (PC Option)

Use your smartphone or tablet camera to access the product, you will achieve an immersive and interactive augmented reality experience. Note that it may take a moment for the 3D model to load.

3 Scan the environment.

Point your smartphone or tablet towards the location where you want to visualize the product. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan the space where you want to place the object.

4 Start experimenting.

Finally, you can see the product. You can resize, rotate, and move it to see if it fits your needs.

A web page will open with two tabs that offer different functionalities:
AR: It opens by default. Following the instructions provided, you can position the product in the desired location. This ensures that its real size and aesthetics match your style.

Object: You will be able to view the product in 3D, rotating and increasing the size of the product in high resolution. No detail will escape you.

Enjoy the experience!

AR works with smartphones and tablets.