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NGS Fortress Bunker is a reliable 600VA (360W) UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with 12V/7 battery back-up suitable to power and protect your electronic devices and neutralizing the harmful effects of network overloads and voltage drops.

This compact electrical power source is equipped with 6 wall power outlets, (Schuko sockets) that will provide perfect protection against power cuts or voltage drops to equipment such us computers, screens, printers, etc

All surge protected outputs prevent damage from power surges, spikes, and fluctuations while 3 of them (red-colored) are also battery-powered outlets that offer valuable time to save your work and safely shut down the equipment after a power outage.

NGS Fortress Bunker provides temporary battery power during power outage; prevents loss of data and damage to hardware

Equipped with Interactive Technology, NGS Fortress Bunker is ideal for home users and freelancers. It includes AVR function Buck/Boost to ensure stable output voltage.

Very easy to use, simply connect the device you want to protect to the electrical equipment. In order to face a short circuit or a network overload, this UPS supplies electrical power stored in a 12 V/7 Ah battery, providing protection to the equipment connected and supplying energy for a period. Cycle of life ranges from 5-10´. It also has a protection system (input fuse) to prevent from any damage to the UPS itself and to the devices connected to it.

Thus, the user will have enough time to close the computer in an orderly fashion to avoid tiresome loss of data and damages.

The strategically top-mounted outlets make sure you can place Fortress Bunker anywhere: on the floor, on your desk or even mounted to the wall. It features holes for wall mounting.

It is equipped with clear optical and acoustic indicators to alert you when necessary. In this manner, you can act immediately during a power outage and save your hard work before shutting down the device.

The AC/Charging/Inverter Leds reports the mode the device is connected (battery mode, charging, connected to the mains

The sturdy NGS Fortress Bunker automatically restarts when the power supply recovers once the batteries have run out after an electrical power failure (Auto restart).

The outlets are equipped with child protection to avoid children access to the sockets.

Finally, NGS provides a convenient back up and great reassurance offering a warranty of up to €25.000 on connected equipment.

Technical specifications

- Off-LineTechnology.

- FullTime surge suppression and noise filtering.

- Fully digitized microprocesor controlled.

- Energy saving (UPS sleep mode).

- Cold start (DC power on).

- Short circuit and overload protection.

- AVR back/boost (output voltage regulator).

Package Contents

- Fortress Bunker

- AC cable

- User's manual (11 languages)

- 2 years warranty card